Designed and manufactured in the U.S.


The Barricade™ Coil System is a streamlined product offering that delivers quality and performance.  We provide a comprehensive size range of platinum coils giving the ability to Frame, Fill and Finish aneurysms with reduced shelf space requirements.  Our coils feature a short, flexible detachment zone designed for fast detachment times and minimal microcatheter kickback.

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Barricade SR Framing Coil

The Barricade Framing Coil delivers a stable basket with excellent neck coverage
Complex shape available in 10 & 18 systems, in a size range of 2mm-15cm


Barricade Helical SR Filling Coil

Helical shape provides efficient packing through variable softness profile
Most diameters available in multiple lengths for enhanced control


Barricade Helical SR Finishing Coil

Extremely soft and compliant finishing coils with excellent microcatheter stability
Comprehensive size range of 1mm x 1cm to 6mm x 10cm


Barricade Complex SR Finishing Coil

Best in class Finishing Coil softness now available in a complex shape to efficiently seek available space
Comprehensive size range of 1mm x 1cm to 5mm to 13cm


Electrolytic Detachment System

Handheld detachment cable allowing physician control of detachment cycle from the sterile field